The Stalker (book)

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by Siân Ceinwen (Author)

Book 4 in the Cruise Control series

Book Description

Rule number one: Never sleep with the client. Especially, if they’re a hot rock star.

Tatiana Swanson isn't afraid of anything. She's learned to harness her fears in her job working as a specialist security expert for high-profile clients. When she’s hired to protect Hayden Vega from his stalker, she approaches it the same way she would with any other contract.

She’s used to working in close quarters with her clients, but Hayden is funny and sexy, and she finds herself longing to be far less than professional with him. Can Tatiana and Hayden find love together when he’s supposed to be nothing more than a job for her? Will she be able to keep him safe, or will the ever-present danger of the person who is after him become all too real?

This final installment in the Cruise Control series by Sian Ceinwen will have you on the edge of your seat. A steamy romantic suspense novel that will keep you up late at night, wanting to know more.

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